weekend birthday

7:15 AM

Our family went to Idaho this weekend to celebrate Kathy's (Steve's mom) birthday! It was a wonderful fun-filled weekend full of good food (I think I gained at least 5 pounds), good company and the joy of just being with family.

We LOVE you Kathy and Happy Birthday!!! Luvs, SBMM&H

p.s. more pics to come on our family website, the above pictures are delicious desserts made by Kathy and Ana...mmm-mmm

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  1. Looks delicious! I hope you did gain 5 pounds because I honestly have gained 12 whole pounds since I last saw you! It's insane! Can't wait to finally see you on Easter!!

  2. Hey Brookie! I left you a message. And I can't see any of these cute pics????

  3. Ok now I can see them. yum yum give me some!

  4. They were both delicious! I'll send you over the recipe. ;) xoxo

    And Christie, I'm sure you still look like a dream come true. ;)