the view from my window

3:00 PM

Here is the view above our bed in the Master bedroom. I just love it. I can't wait to watch all four seasons pass with the trees and the mountains. I am so excited for Spring!

p.s. I hate that I want to write in my blog so much. I may have to quit for a bit so I can get other stuff cleaning out my basement and getting it ready to begin plans for finishing it (just plans for now, nothing set in stone). I am so excited, another 2 bedrooms, 1 more bathroom, family room and laundry/craft/sewing room! woo-hoo,
can't wait...

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  1. You can't stop posting on your blog as much! What will I do with all my free time that I current spend blog stalking you?!? NOOOO!!!!

  2. That made me secretly happy to be stalked, like the blond lady on 30 Rock who was oddly flattered by the idea of being stalked by a fan. Ha!