a bone to pick with 1976

7:59 PM

So here is my beef with 1976. Why wasn't I just born 5 or 6 years later? I could have kept in touch with so many friends. Friends who I tried so diligently to write, literally write, pen to paper once a week and visa versa. If only...if ONLY we had facebook, twitter, blog world etc... it would have been so much easier and actually possible to hang on to these friendships!

Chronicles of Brooke's travels (me):
keep in mind at each stage I made a group of friends who we tried to keep in contact with one another.

3-16 years old: Walnut Creek, CA (the friends I had here for 13 years were more like family)
16-18 : St. Cloud, France
18-19: Utah State University (my family remained in France)
19-20: BYU Jerusalem
20-21: BYU Provo (my family moved to Park City, Utah)
21-22: San Pablo, Philippines Mission (I received 31 wedding invites while here, I returned home to no single friends left)
22-24: University of Utah (discovered the new craze called 'email')
24: Internship, Washington DC (6 months)
25: back to U of U (Parents moved to Millcreek)
26: married, Avenues SLC
27: changed wards
28: changed wards (twice, yet never moved...boundry change)
30: changed wards (Max turned 3 had to go to Family ward, parents moved to Millville)
(32: discovered the joys of Blogger and facebook)
33: Kaysville, Utah (we bought our first house and I am trying to figure out the joys of twitter, but I only have 2 friends who do it, so i feel kinda dumb, but I will persevere)

At around the age of 24 I was done with making new friends every year. I was so tired of making friends and then someone going somewhere and try as we may, never really able to keep in contact. (no facebook, twitter, blog, etc...I didn't use email before the age of 23, good grief!)

I am bound and determined to stay put here for a VERY long time. So to all you girls out here in K-town who I have become friends with, you are NOT allowed to leave me! ;)

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