cheesy omelet

10:57 PM

So my blog has been a little too "bloggy" lately. So here is a dose of brooke weirdness (whether or not it really is weird, who knows?). because I've seen a lot of weird things in my life...example: the tall guy at Maverick with the wonky-eye who offered to buy my drink (Diet Coke) for me today.

Here is a picture of a cheesy omelet. My daughter Madeline-Belle took it and I think it's hilarious.

My kids all have strep (Max also had croup) and if the sun doesn't shine, and I mean REALLY shine I think I just may have to slit my wrists.

Well on that happy note and with a little giddy sarcasm, I wish you all out there in blog land good day!

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  1. So Mimi is becoming like her mom and taking pics for her blog. Love it and all that cheese looks divine!

  2. Oh yes, she loves to steal my camera! Oh and it is snowing today so it looks like the universe laughed in my face about my request for sunshine. ;)