Chocolate makes everything better

9:38 AM

Pastel pumps, heels, wedges, oxfords...OH MY!

10:05 AM
dining in SLC

Bodega at The Rest

1:04 PM
JFF (just-for-fun)

filet minion or filet minion? hahahahaha...

8:06 AM

Valentine's day free printables and a throw back to 2003

9:51 AM
home decor

Piet Mondrian / bold color scheme

12:54 AM
home decor

hip-hop, Paris Opera House, machetes in the jungle....

10:43 AM

a Birthday shout-out to my cute nephew!

11:06 AM
curb appeal

Decorating for Valentines Day

12:06 PM

Baby mocs - Freshly Picked

10:30 PM