a Birthday shout-out to my cute nephew!

11:06 AM

My sister's little boy just had his first B-day!  Which means my other nephew's birthday is right around the corner.  They posted some cute pics of this sweet guy.  Happy Birthday!!!

I miss baby birthdays... well I actually miss babies in general.  Their chubby cheeks, that thrill when you get them to smile at some ridiculous face you just made or something you said in a silly voice.  Celebrating with them as they experience all their firsts... sitting up, rolling over, crawling or scooting, walking, running (and the subsequent goose egg on their forehead from falling forward), talking, laughing.... such a fun journey to watch these babies grow up.  (and the joy is just as great if you are an aunt, grandma or just a friend... I always say Life is weird, but it's pretty darn amazing too).

To all the Aunts, Grandma's and Mommas out there, cherish these babies.  They grow up too fast!

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