Piet Mondrian / bold color scheme

12:54 AM

We have a wonderful program at my children's school that teaches about various artists called, Meet the Masters.  I am one of the many volunteer-moms that teach the kids about artists and their styles.  

This month we are studying Piet Mondrian.  He is commonly known for his paintings using primary colored squares or rectangles and flat black lines.  The kids did a really great job mimicking his technique to create their own pieces of art.  Below is Madeline's simple creation.
 If you would like to do this project at home with your child, it is actually very simple.  We used construction paper and elmers glue for our project but there are many ways to do it.

Below I found a great site that teaches you how to do this using black electric tape and craft paint.  I love how it turned out!
To see this simple tutorial go to puttisworld.
I thought about decorating a room using Piet Mondrian's simple color scheme.  White walls (or another light/cool color), and bold pops of red, yellow and blue.  Below are just a few rooms I found that have this color scheme and fit my style. 

psst....  I need that multi-colored arrowhead white pillow above.  luv.luv.luv. 

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  1. I love that schools are exposing kids to different forms and mediums of art- that type of well rounded education is very inspiring and really gives kids tools to be able to explore and create their own wonders.