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10:30 PM

About 6 years ago (holy cow has it really been that long?) I met a girl named Susan Petersen who moved into the neighborhood.  From the moment I met her I could tell she was an entrepreneur at heart.  She was very talented and incredibly inventive.  We did a few boutique shows together when I was making and selling baby blankets and burp cloths.  

She would often talk with me about sewing projects and want me to brain storm with her about ideas  for new products.  I always shyed away from the topic as I knew I was not nearly as skilled as she at sewing and creating patterns.  In fact, I remember when she got her first serger machine and she was soooo excited...I acted very excited for her, but as I smiled all I kept thinking was, "what is a serger?"  hahaha.....

She was also very generous  and would share/trade her products with me.  For Christmas one year she made my sister a purse and matching wallet and to this day I still use her Freshly Picked wallet for my "square money" (that's what Henry calls it).  She also created a pattern for a darling bird shaped sachet to fill with my moms lavender.  I remember spending an afternoon with her and Liz Stanley at Liz's home in the Aves. making them. 

When I had Henry she gave me an awesome handmade baby wrap and a pair of her handmade Freshly Picked moccasins.  Henry loved the moccasins and so did I.  I love Robeez and had Max and Madeline wear those when they were babies, but I never needed to buy a pair for Henry, as he had his mocs.  I think these were some of her first mocs and she has since tinkered with her design and medium, but we love this older version just as much as the new.  I was so sad to pack them up that I actually did a post about it here on this blog almost 4 years ago.

Here is that post:

the links on this 2010 post may be outdated as she has moved her business since then.

I am thrilled for her success, she has been on Shark Tank and is selling some of her goods at the fabulous children's store, Land of Nod.

If you have a wee one or know of someone that does, check out her baby mocs at FRESHLY PICKED.  They are well worth the money.  The quality is impeccable and sure to last through many little feet.  My only question now is, when is she going to make a silvery pale pink color in my size?!

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