Valentine's day free printables and a throw back to 2003

9:51 AM

I love Valentine's day.  It's funny how the meaning of Valentine's day transforms as you grow older.  Now with 3 kids, elementary school and preschool it's less about romance and more about getting 50+ valentine cards bought, signed and ready for the class party. 
(not to mention the time and energy that goes into helping your child find that perfect valentine card that they love).

Below are some cute ideas for Valentine's day cards and the best part... they are free!  
SquirrellyMinds,  Lisa Storms,  The Cottage Market,   Savvy Sugar

 I heart nap time,   Armommy 

Or so she says,   fox printable

mustache printable,   Rubber Punkin,  The Clumsy Crafter,    love grows heart bookmark

Below is our first Valentine's dinner after we were married.  We had it in the dining room of my parents house in Park City.  My brother Cavet was our waiter.  My mom (who is a fabulous cook) and I prepared an amazing dinner for Steve of filet mignon w/ bearnaise sauce, roasted asparagus, pear gorgonzola salad and cooked red wine pears for dessert.

Oh.... the fancy life we used to lead. ;) 

My awesome brother was only 15 when he did this. He was soooo cute and profesh!

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