Bodega at The Rest

1:04 PM

This Valentine's Day my husband took me on a very memorable date.  It started off confusing and a bit strange.  

To begin, my husband is a huge foodie so when we were dating and for a couple of years after we were married, we would go out to eat on the weekends at whatever new/hip restaurant would open in Salt Lake City. Since then our family has expanded and so have other family expenses and date nights  have taken a back seat.  I've missed it, a lot, and just assumed that phase of my life was over.  

Well, my sweet hubbie took me out this weekend for Valentine's day.  He kept telling me it was a surprise, but nothing could have prepared me for the unusual adventure ahead. 
We began our date by entering a bodega about the size of our living room.  It sold cigarettes and soda. ????  I was the first to enter and went to the counter.  I was a little confused so I stared at the lady behind the counter and she smiled back at me. ????
My husband followed behind me and said to the lady, "we are here for THE REST". 
We got our ID's scanned and a key.  We were told to go through a locked door, hence the needed key,  down a long hall, turn right, then left, down a flight of stairs… etc.  I was thinking there is no way I'm going to remember all this.  

Next we found ourselves walking through a white narrow maze-like hallway.  At one point I looked back at Steve with a look of "WHAT IN THE WORLD? WHERE ARE WE GOING?" He just smiled.

After we descended the staircase we opened a door to a bizarre and exciting site.  
A large room full of people eating and chatting, loud 80's music being played on a record player, dim lights, 30 foot ceilings and a TON of taxidermy. 

The best part was the food.

Their menu changes weekly, so I don't know what the menu will be like in a week but this week's was amazing (and difficult to pronounce).  For our entre I had cornish game hen and Steve had a brazed beef rib.  For dessert I had beignets and Steve had a strawberry cream custard.  The last time I remember eating food so delicate and delicious was in Belgium a thousand years ago.

Thank you Steve for a fabulous evening and even though we get tired at 9:30pm these days and our life is consumed with many unglamorous things, we are not totally out of the game.  We are young at heart and always will be.

I hope that this is just the beginning of our adventures together.

The pictures above were taken from internet images, and their website gives very little information, but if you get a chane to splurge a little and want to feel like a part of SLC's hip underground foodie scene then go to
The Rest  and make your reservations.

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