I am the creator of the scarf-colar...j/k...kind of

8:24 PM

As I was browsing etsy for some cute ideas for St. Patty's day I came across soooo many amazing handmade items. Above are just a few. I think I sat for at least 45 minutes in the knitting section of etsy and decided I need to start knitting again.

When I first married Steve in 2002 I asked his mom to teach me to knit. I began knitting like a crazy lady. I went from scarfs, to hats and then I discovered felting and thought I had died and gone to heaven. I think I felted a purse for every girl member of my family the Christmas of 2003.
Then in the following Winter of 2004 I thought I had this brilliant idea. Instead of knitting a whole scarf, just knit the top and add a button, so it was like a little sweater for your kneck, I made one for my mom, sister, Christie and myself. Much to my surprise I wasn't the only one with that idea. On etsy there is a plethora of people making these things calling them scarflette's, scarf-colar, knitted-neck warmer etc...hey, but i made them 7 years ago!!! ;)

Anyhow, time to dig up my wonderful wood knitting needles I bought at The Black Sheep Wool Co. here in SLC (when it was located in Sugarhouse) 7 years ago, my yarn, and I think I may just have to start knitting again. (now that it's Spring) Ha!

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  1. You'll have some pretty awesome Christmas presents if you start in spring, right? Seems like a sound plan to me. Those are gorgeous- btw. I heard you guys have had strep at your house!!! SAD!!! Summer really can't come soon enough!

  2. Seriously! I need sunshine and warmth, I am ready for the cold and flu season to be over. ;)

  3. oh, you should join my knitting club. i would love to have you.

  4. Would love to, how do I join? Do you crochet? I am dying to learn how to crochet...