385, yes i really do miss you...

7:29 AM

...We brought home 3 babies to this apt. and after about 5 years I wondered if we’d ever be in a place of our own. It terrified me that our hard work would never pay off and get us on our own 2 feet. A day when we weren’t delivering rent checks to our old bishop who lived right next door, but putting money into our own property. I know there were some people who thought I was silly (to put it nicely), yes, I know who you are.

Unless you have lived in 800 sq. feet with 5 people, with no central air, no dishwasher and one tiny bathroom for 2 large “boys” (can you even imagine the smell sometimes?) you cannot begin to understand the desire for nothing more than a dishwasher or even a patch of grass to call your own; some place that you don’t have to feel like you are intruding on someone to allow your children to play outside. The feeling of looking out your kitchen window while you are doing dishes and seeing grass, trees and a yard. Never take this for granted, priceless is knowing that you don’t have to do anything but open the door for your kids to go play outside. I will never take this for granted. Ever.

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  1. I miss that place too. You were closer to us! We need to hang out! It's been sooo long. Are you guys still sick?

  2. funny you should ask...Henry went for his regular check up yesterday and has an ear infection. But it isn't contagious and he isn't even fussy about it. ;)

    What a brave guy.