Okay, I officially have no right to complain anymore

11:37 PM

After hitting a HUGE wall the last two weeks I am ready to jump back into the game (I think it is more of a circus when you add kids) of life.

I opened up the March issue of Better Homes & Gardens and the first page I opened to as I was running to wipe Mimi's oh-so-cute bum was a picture of Design Mom, Gabrielle Blair. I had heard of her, read of her and Liz, who I knew for a short time in the Aves. is her sis-in-law.

Anyhow what stopped me in my tracks is when I read she is a mother of 5 expecting her 6th child!!! Okay, I guess I have no right what-so-ever to complain about juggling 3 kids. Seriously, can we say Super-hero mom here? I want her secret.

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  1. Oh I love that cover to Better Homes. I love my magazine subscriptions, they make me happy to get them in the mail.