mean people

8:47 AM

Here is my buddy Max. He's my first baby and he has enriched my life so much. I know his strengths, I know his weaknesses. We have been together through thick and thin. I see daily how kind, caring and sensitive he is...and of course I see how stubborn and bossy and moody he can be as well.

Well, the other day he came home from school telling me that a group of kids (who will remain nameless) and who I'd like to give a swift kick to the arss had been calling him fat. Yes, fat. :(

I think my heart broke less when he got punched. I asked him how he felt about it and he said it made him want to cry but he didn't. So can anyone blame me for wanting to go to school and giving those boys a piece of my mind? I am disgusted by these children's parents, as they have managed to raise 5-year-old bullies. Really, what normal, well rounded child from a decent home environment is a bully in kindergarten?

Anyhow, I have thought about it more than I want to. It just confirms that I wish I could protect my children from mean people...there's normal "bad day" behavior and then there is just mean.

Mean people should be separate from the rest of society. :) Stick'em all in a room together and let the rest of us be.

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  1. Poor Max! That is so sad. I put a "kick me" sign on a girl in first grade, so I am one of the mean people! So sad...

  2. I thought you may say that. ;) You and my mom both say you were mean kids.

    I probably would have wanted to give you both a good arss kicking in school. I was never mean, but I always stuck up for the kids that were teased and would be a snot to the "mean" kids... :)

  3. Brookie that breaks my heart. Max is so kind and gentle and the thought of anybody hurting him kills me too. I hate it. Is he okay now?

  4. Yes, I was a mean kid in school. Partly because how I was treated at home. But we all have to take ownership of how our actions, and what we say effects others. The truth is kids will alway be teased. I got teased for having a big nose and being too skinny. Make home a haven for Max.

  5. Yeah, I remember crying at recess because kids called me Brooke Sheilds...Ha!!! Now I am just letting everyone out there know that I am OKAY with you calling me Brooke Sheilds. ;)

    And yes mom, couldn't agree more. Ownership is key.
    Wow, this has been quite the family discussion here at Bibelot.

  6. So sorry. It's hard when anything bad happens to the kids.