Xanadu, Duran Duran, scrunchies and...

9:32 PM

...the ribbon barrette! So do these barrettes make anyone else growing up in the 80's nostalgic? I was looking for Summer clothes for Mimi on the Internet and found these at crazy8.

I distinctly remember my babysitter, Kristin King and her friends (who I thought were so cool and pretty, I think they were 15 at the time) having their hair up in these barrettes with the ribbon hanging down. I think I am going to make some for Mimi...and introduce her to the beauty and wonder of the 80's. ;)

Here is a free tutorial I found on the web. For more instruction go here or if you don't want to bother making them and just buy them go here.

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  1. I don't remember these, well i guess I sorta do. I know crafty Brooke can create these in a heart beat!

  2. One thing I loved in the 80's was taking your calf high socks and rolling them down to your ankle so you had like a big ring of sock around your ankle. Do you remember that?

  3. Totally! WHy isn't that coming back in style? hee-hee j/k!