Graphic Fairy does it again...

11:38 PM

So this weekend has pretty much been a bummer. Madeline, Henry and now ME has caught Max's cough (although it isn't a "croupy" cough) but it is still very annoying and keeps us all from sleeping.

It is still cold outside, although the sun did shine a little. So you can imagine my joy when I looked at Graphic Fairy's blog and saw this absolutely beautiful, free printable graphic. It really brightened my weekend just looking at it.

If you'd like to download it go here. I know I will download it, now if only I could put it on a pillow or shirt or something. I'm sure they make some gizmo to do that with somewhere.

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  1. Brooke I love it. It would look cute on a shirt. And I hear ya about the weather. Luckily this weekend was really pretty. It had been long awaited! (Oh and the Japenese or Chinese comments are back)

  2. Yeah, deleted them again. I need to see if I can block them. Hmmm....I wonder what language it is. I should ask dad if it's Chinese since he's fluent. Ha!