new meets old

10:14 AM

I think it would be so fun to mix these bright colored pillows from Horchow with the traditional chairs below.
These chairs do have a little frill to them, but that's one of the things I love about them.

Henry has a bad cold and I feel horrible for the poor little soon as he gets better he gets sick again. Maybe it's allergies, who knows. So I need a little somethin' to brighten my day...hence the bright pillows. Wish bright flowery pillows could brighten his day as well. :(

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  1. Yes! Don't forget we also need fill a void that food has left... maybe pillows could do the trick!

  2. Ha! Yes, there is a big gaping whole in my life that is dying to be filled with a diet coke and a little ice cream! ;) If pillows work, I'll let you know.