some lovely things...

10:21 AM

It's no secret I love Pierre Deux. These are some lovely things I found while looking at their online store, my idea of window shopping.
Last week I taught my children the meaning of window shopping. We needed to kill some time so we went into one of my favorite stores, TJ Maxx. The kids always beg for toys when we go there so I sat down and explained to them that we were "window shopping" today. I explained to them what that meant and amazingly enough they got the concept and were actually okay with it. I heard Max telling some boy as they were looking at Avatar toys together, that he was just window shopping today. Ha!
The below picture is very nostalgic for me, it reminds me of the flee markets we visited in France. Vendors would sell pictures from antique books. My parents bought 2 pictures at a flee market that still hangs in their home and they are just beautiful.

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  1. Yep pretty much love it all! You have impecable taste sister.

  2. Oh thank you my dear, if only I could get an "impecable" budget to go with it, that's be nice. ;)