darling girl rooms...

9:42 AM

I am almost finished with Mimi's bedroom. The color palette is bright pink, green and light blue. We'll see how it all comes together. I painted a tree on her wall (below is a picture of me in the process). Henry takes naps in her room twice a day so it is hard to get things done during the day and they sleep in there at night, thus making it hard to do it at night! Motherhood is a great big juggling act.

I love these rooms....they are so pretty, clean and concise. But not very realistic. I mean, it would be great if all my daughter's toys and accessories from grandmas, aunts and uncles where perfectly coordinated, but they are not. So as lovely as these rooms are I believe they are intended more for inspiration than for practicality.

I love every color combination above...and those silhouette pillows are to die for adorable!

Part of the tree while in process of drawing it on the wall then painting. Mimi told me today that she can't wait to be a 16...um, I think I can! ;)

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