modern twist on a fence...

9:22 PM

I love love love these horizontal cedar fences by builder/designer Peter A. Kirsch-Korff. They are beautiful, modern and natural.

If we had a private yard out back or bushes that gave us some privacy I would probably leave it. But I feel like every time I go out to look at my flowers, hang out in the sun or play with the kids in the back I have to think about what I wear (I mean that I can't just go out in boxers and my husbands t-shirt) cause everyone around us can see everything we do in our yard. It's annoying and some privacy would be nice.

I loathe our fence right now, it is chain link (head held low in shame)...unfortunately we were not able to get our cedar fence this year. :( Now friends and family are telling us not to put the money into a new fence since it's our fist house. But, secretly I couldn't disagree more!

Mark my words, between you and me I will put in a cedar fence in our backyard. It may not be super fancy or elaborate, but I'll get there...just don't tell Steve about my plans yet. ;)

I've found it's best to let him think he is in control when it comes to decorating, landscaping and construction. But I'm really behind it all, gently yet persistantly convincing him it is his idea.

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  1. I am trying to learn that trick with Thad.....mnake him "think" he is in charge! Love the fences!

  2. It takes about 8 years of marriage and a lot of mistakes to learn this skill...hee-hee. ;)

  3. You are a smart woman! John thinks he chose our kids names. ;)

    I just got back in town and got your message- Sorry! I hope you found someone to help! I'm subbing in primary though. I got your text the other night but I couldn't send one back. Idaho's weird.