i am pizza dough...

2:31 PM

Sad, but true...ever since I began having children 6 years ago, I have realized that my body is like pizza dough.

Before and when I am pregnant I gain little weight and my body does not change that much. About a month after I have a baby I EXPLODE and stretch and go from a size 2 to a size 10!!!! Then about a year and a half after I have the baby I shrink again. Then Explode after the next baby and the next one, only to shrink in between and during.

???Why? Why can't I be one of those cute little girls that get pregnant and instantly bounce back? ;( Oh well, I don't get stretch marks so that's a plus. Right???!

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  1. Don't worry Brookie I am sure I will be the same way. Don't you hate those girls who just are thin as soon as they have the baby? Lame.

  2. Better to be pizza dough than a tomato. You know how growing tomatoes split when they get too much water. That's pretty much how stretch marks work... and those lovely marks never go away.

  3. Ok, Hannah I guess you're right, I would like to be dough...and I LOVE the tomato comparison! You are so clever!

  4. ps, this is Brooke, I am at my mom's house on her computer, thus her blog on the comment. :)