2 years and I finally finished it...

9:34 AM

We went to Logan this weekend to help my mom with her booth at the Cache Valley Farmer's Market (she sold her lavender) and while we were up there I finally finished sewing her window curtains in their Master Bedroom. Here are some pictures of the finished product!

My mom picked out the fabric for her windows and told me what she wanted to make...and then I made them. I did all four panels over 2 years ago, but the curtains behind her window seat were made too short. I added length to them so they matched the other curtains on her patio doors (below).

It amazes me what some saffron paint color and curtains can do for a room. I absolutely love how everything comes together to create a warm and cozy bedroom retreat.

I also took the unused fabric and made coordinating pillows for the window seat and reading chair (my mom found that chair at the DI for $10 and had it reupholstered...I guess that's where I get it from).

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  1. Brookie once again you have out done yourself. It looks so good and so put together. You are a Martha in the making. See you tomorrow!

  2. Looks great! We are going up there next weekend. Can't wait to see your work. Come to my house please!