it's a sad day for the barties...

2:06 PM

Our mac 27" computer is only 2 years old and it pooped out on us.  I am at my parents place again, it's the only place I can blog because we still don't have a computer.  We heard back from the Mac store and they couldn't save ONE thing from our hard drive.  

Everything is, documents, movies etc. are all gone from the last year and half at least. :(  It is a sad day for us.

moral of the story: frequently download your important stuff onto an external hard drive...dugh...we knew that!!!

Anyone know of any good "mac geek" that could take a look at our old hard drive?!

oh and to make things more painful I've been playing with my mom's brand new ipad all day...hmmm

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  1. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Brookie I am so sorry, that is sooo bad. I am sure you can get someone to get the pics off your computer....the down side to technology!

  2. I'm sosososososososo sorry!!! I think I need to download some stuff on to an external harddrive- that means I need to go buy one! hmmmmmm... where do you buy stuff like that? better get john on it.

  3. Yes Maryella, do it so you don't wind up loosing all your stuff! ;) You can go to any store that sells computers, I think we got one (that if full) from BestBuy. Also, mac has a back-up harddrive system on your mac, but you have to install the program (we hadn't done that yet). ;(

    Rozzie, I think I can salvage a bunch from our family website and fb. Few!!! xoxoxo

  4. That's too bad, you can look at the pictures I've taken and put them on a cd the next time you come up.