my talented little sis...

9:16 PM

For those of you who don't know, my sister has a fabulous cooking blog called 'Rozlynn's Homemade Goodness'. She posts a new recipe each week and not just some recipe she found in a book, more often than not a recipe from our childhood or from places she has visited and lived.

Like all families we have our good days..or years and our bad ones...but one thing I do remember is sitting down for dinner each night. My mom experimented with new recipes often and taught us that the key to good food is in the quality of the ingrideints you use and how well you season it.

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  1. Thanks sister for the shot out. I look forward to seeing the ingenious ideas you come up with. You are a such a Martha. Oh and Thad loves my headbands that you made for me!!!! Love you!!!

  2. yum! I want to eat cake! {pout} We did splurge on some sugar free ice cream. (that I purchased on sunday no less- i couldn't stop myself!)