8 year Anniversary

9:48 PM

Today August 2nd, Steve and I have been married for 8 years!!! Holy cow! Where has time gone? Steve had made reservations for 2 at Ruth Chris in SLC, which I had been looking forward to all day and he sent me beautiful flowers! Well, I'd love to say it was magical and enchanting....but it wasn't (no fault of Steve's). Here is how our evening went:

On Saturday I called the only 3 babysitters we knew and left messages for them to call me to see if they could babysit tonight. I figured the first that called me back would babysit. Well, by 10pm Sunday night no one had returned my call and I began to panic (now I know 2 are on vacation and 1 is still in Hong Kong). By Monday morning I was frantically trying to get ahold of someone to babysit to no avail so I called my family...well, basically....1 hour before we were supposed to be eating a much needed romantic meal just the two of us, plans fell through with my fam.

Steve called and canceled our reservations and I went upstairs to our bedroom and cried for a half hour on the bed like a little baby. After Steve came up and gave me a pep talk, I put my "big girl pants" on and a smile and we took the whole family to dinner.

It wasn't ideal, but it ended up working out. Happy Anniversary Hun! Love you, and here is to at least 42 more years of a very unpredictable adventure!

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  1. Oh! I'm so glad you had fun after all because seriously that is the saddest thing ever! I just told Heidi your babysitter horror story and she said... 'I need to get Brooke a list of babysitters!' It looks like we were TOO LATE! I feel like a bad friend! Well happy anniversary! I'm really excited to see you- let's go to the park this week!

  2. Definitely! We need to go to the park!

  3. ps MaryElla you are an AWESOME friend!!! We NEED to hang out this week!

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