homemade lavender sachets...

12:57 PM

My mom has been collecting vintage handkerchiefs from her local antique store for quite some time. About a month ago she had the idea of making sachets out of them and filling them with lavender.

When I was visiting her about a week ago I stayed up after everyone had gone to bed and made these sachets filled with her English lavender buds. I used 4 handkerchiefs and was able to make 16 sachets.

I have one in Max and Mimi's room and I told them that when they wake up in the morning to just squeeze their bag and their room will smell like lavender...and it does. These little sachets are potent and their rooms smell amazing!

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  1. Ok these things are so so so anthropologie. I love them and want one and mom and you should sell these at the lavender stand! Brookie you are so talented! Love you!

  2. Thanks Rozzie, I'll send one to you. ;) xoxo

  3. Brooke, could you give me the instructions on how to make these? Thanks!

    1. Hi Susan! I thought I had responded to your comment and just now realized (as I was reading through my unpublished comments) that I had not published this and my response never went through.

      If you are still interested in knowing how we make these please email me @ bartholomew.brooke@gmail.com Thank you! :) <3