office/mud room make-over

1:27 PM

I did this about a month ago and finally am able to download the pictures onto our mac, cause it's back from the shop! Woo-hoo...anyhow, I know I should "stage" these shots better but I'm too busy right now with the new school year, a walking/crawling toddler etc. So here is the best I can do for now...

I wish I had a before picture, they were lost on our hard-drive. But the walls were white, the mirror was a DI purchase that had chipping black paint on it, the entry table was wood and in bad shape with brass handles. I added the frosted detail to the mirror with a little frost spray paint (which can be purchased at any hardware or home store).

I added red, black and green IKEA accents and now our office/mudroom is transformed! I love it, it feels like a whole new house when I walk in from the garage. Oh and the transformation cost less than $100! If you saw the before that would be even more amazing.

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  1. Oh that is amazing! I love it! I love the color on the walls- I want to paint the boys room something like that, I've got to come over and take a look at it!

  2. So cute Brookie. Love the crisp white and a punch of red. You have a great eye sister!

  3. Thanks guys, I got this paint in the "oops" section at Home Depot. A whole gallon for $5!! Come over MaryElla! you too rozzie!