first day of school!

11:15 AM

Here is our Max on the first day of 1st Grade! He was very excited and so am I. Toward the end of the Summer break I think he was getting really bored at home with me and the little kids all day.

Max asked me if I could take Mimi to the pool today while he was at school so she wouldn't miss him or be sad. I thought that was a sweet gesture.

My babes, Max started at a new school this year. He is in a French Immersion program. We walked him to his first class this morning. He met his teachers, one of which was Madame Dean. She does not speak anything but French for 3 hours. So he will learn reading, Math and Science all in French for half the day and then the other half he is taught in English.

It is a pilot program here so it will be exciting to see how it goes!!! Umm...bonjour?

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  1. so cute! What a sweet brother max is! everytime ezra got a treat in kindergarten, he used to eat half of it and put the rest in his pocket to bring home to noah. we had a lot of sticky-icky messes I couldn't be upset about. everyone should have a big brother!

  2. Max is so tender hearted. I can't believe he would think of Mimi's feelings when he has his first day of school to worry about. What a sweet heart.