old chairs

8:20 AM

I love Design Sponge and I forgot how much I loved the before & after section until this last weekend when we had our friend Quintin and his family over for dessert. He wants to find an old Dutch style couch to reupholster, so we looked at some of design sponge's amazing before & after pictures.

I especially love this before & after from Lauren & Nick because I have about 4 old chairs from when we lived in France. They are from the Paris flee market and in not so great a'shape. In fact they look very similar to the before picture above. I don't want to paint them because I want to stay true to the French style, and painting furniture is more Swedish...anyhow, this is a great way to give old chairs a new, fresh look without changing their integrity.

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  2. We do have a lot of chairs from the Paris flee market that need some TLC. Great idea!