pink & green rooms

11:40 PM

While talking to some friends of mine yesterday I explained that I often feel uncomfortable sharing experiences I have had during my 'growing-up' years of High School and college, especially in groups of people or with people who I don't know very well. Because during these 'growing-up' years I often lived outside of the country. So when I tell a story and it takes place in Paris, Luxembourg, Grand Caymans, Philippines or some where else, I sound pretentious or "ooo, look at me"...but really I just want to tell the story and the place I lived in plays a part in that here I go again, and tell another one of those stories...

While attending BYU Jersusalem I was able to visit Egypt. While there I fell in love with mosaics. I had decided that I was going to have a mosaic room in my house. A room totally dedicated to all things mosaic, and I was going to create all the mosaics my mind it was exquisite.

Then the horrible thought occured to me, how many rooms do I need in my house? Because, while living in Europe I fell in love with stain glass windows and decided I needed to learn how to make stain glass....and have a room in my house dedicated to stain glass...

Well, here I am again (I often find myself in this place). I want a pink and green room. White walls, crisp white furniture and pops of bright pink and green throughout the room.

So my hot pink & green room will be located between my mosaic and stain glass rooms in the house in my head.

I think the above 4 pictures are pure inspiration...they give me the food my brain needs to sit back for a bit and daydream. What would I do without my daydreams?

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