food on the pillow...i mean brain

11:30 PM

I love to look at pillows...who knows why? Probably because they are pretty and within my price range.
Well, I am on a crazy diet right now that takes every bit of will power I have. I just keep thinking about eating something with lots of fat and flavor! So tonight I thought, "I wonder if they make pillows in the shape of food?"
Low and behold. THEY DO! In fact there are many varieties...from hamburgers to sushi. Strangely enough the PB&J looks the most appetizing to me right now.
yep, I definitely have food on the brain! I think I'll go turn on the Food Network...

Henry update: he had an ear infection AGAIN! poor guy. think he may need tubes in his ears. ;( we'll see. Steve had tubes in his ears, so yes thus far Henry and Steve are the most alike.

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  1. So do you feel like this diet is working? Does it really supress your appetite? And yes these pillows are too cute.

    P.S. My poor Henry. Ear aches are the worst...

  2. Notice all the carbs you are dreaming about? dont watch the food network! it will just make you hungrier! :)

  3. I know I need to stop torturing myself! kinda curbs my appetite...I'll call you about it. ;)