Recipe: French Macarons

12:22 PM


I'm sure you've heard me talk about my mom, the fabulous cook.  I remember people talking about my mom's good cooking even as a child.  I also remember being very unadventurous when it came to eating as a kid.  My mom was always experimenting with new and fancy recipes and all I wanted was "yellow" mac&cheese" (Kraft brand).  If my mom made mac & cheese it was always homemade and lacked that dark orange color, which now I know was a good thing, but back then it just meant boring and homemade.  

I also didn't know they sold things in the store like box cake mix, ready made pie crust, brownie mix, pie fillings etc. until I got to college and began cooking for myself.  If my mom made anything it was from scratch (including the noodles in chicken noodle soup).

So I am going to pass along a delicious recipe she posted on her website on how to make French Macarons.   

as my mom would say .... BON APPETITE!

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