A love/hate relationship with...

11:35 PM

OK, it's about time I change my blog post so that my "soap box" moment isn't the latest post.  Soap box  moments are therapeutic and fun but let's be honest, what do I know!?  The more I learn (through lots of trial and error) the less I know. The paradox of life.

So back to more interesting things... like ??? lavender?

Lavender has been a recurring theme in my life these last 4 years or so.  I've had a long relationship with it, full of ups and downs.  I first fell in love with it's beauty, aroma and history.  I then realized how high maintenance it was as I got tired of planting and weeding it. I then became jealous of it as it took my parent's time and energy away from the family....

above & below: 
pictures of the lavender/apple farm that has now become an intricate part of my existence.

...I then LOATHED it... at one point I remember thinking "if I see another bowl of lavender buds lying around my house...".  Then I went to resenting it, especially when we took all the dried lavender bundles down from the cottage.... lavender buds do not feel or smell any better lodged in your nose or throat than dust or dander... in fact my throat itches  just thinking about it.  And finally, I've learned to tolerate lavender.  I have realized it will be a part of the family for a long time and as much as I wish it weren't, it is.  I guess the saying is true, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  eye-yay-yay...

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