A June Tea Party - birthday party

11:12 AM

For Madeline's Birthday this year we had a High Tea Party (it was a "high tea" because it was at 5pm). I don't think that is the proper definition of a high tea but, we used it.  And we're a bunch of Westerners, so what do we know? ;)

The invites, I took our address off of course.
My mom above helped the girls get dressed. Thank you! She has a large collection of vintage hats and jewelry.  She also has 30 very pretty vintage glass serving plates and coordinating tea cups that you see in the photos.

When the girls arrived they put on vintage hats and jewelry and we had tea (pink lemonade).
The above cake was made by my dear friend in our ward.  If you live near Salt Lake and would like her to make you one as wall contact me. She does amazing work and is very affordable.

It was fun for the girls but exhausting for mom.  If anyone plans on doing this, make sure you have friends or family close by to help out.  Because if you don't (like me) you do 98% on your own and a party should fun and happy.  Not stressful. ;)  My words of wisdom for the day.

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  1. This is a dream party for any little girl! Love the pics, good job momma!