simple festive twist on the burlap wreath

4:14 PM

For the 4th-24th of July I just took off the burlap decorative tie and added this large piece of red burlap fabric and hung it over the door.  Now the back side of my door looks strange, I don't know how to inconspicuously attach it to the door yet.  Any ideas?

The red ribbon/fabic comes in a large roll from Hobby Lobby and was $9.99 -50%.  So it was around $5 and there is a lot left over for other projects....

...In fact I used some (very little) of the red burlap to make a star to put on my chevron garden flag out front.  I make these garden flags and will have to do a tutorial on them soon.  All I did was cut out the red burlap (free hand, not too perfect) and then painted on a star with regular craft paint (free hand as well) and then sprayed it with one of my favorite products ever, Mod Podge spray enamel.  If it gets wet the paint won't run.

ps the flag above looks crooked but it's not.  I took it at a weird angle so it looks like one of the sleeves is shorter than the other.  But they are even.

Oh and that last picture is a random picture of some cute kids I found. ;)

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  1. Love the wreath and the garden flag. You are sooo talented!