fixture finishes, do they have to match?

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I have always, always, erred on the side of eclectic.  I am like this in the way I dress and the way I decorate.  I'm sure it stems from my past life when I used to peruse the Parisian flee markets and thrift stores with my parents searching for antique pieces of furniture to add to their collection.  The idea of going to an RC Willey type store and buying matching furniture seemed boring and sad.  Where is the fun in that?  There's no hunt, no satisfaction in unearthing an old undiscovered treasure.  I'm digressing....  when you are at a flee market in Europe you are not concerned with the finish on the handle of the old 17th century buffet or armoir, or the metal finish on an exquisite lamp.  One is brass, the other iron or some other metal, who cares. right?  You still put them all in the same room together without a second thought.

(Paris flee market photos courtesy of Colour Luxury)
Since purchasing our first home I have discovered "rules" people have regarding decorating.  My husband and I had a friend and his family over the other night.  This individual is an excellent craftsman and lives in a beautiful home in a wealthy area up the rode.  He did 90% of the work on his home, and it is gorgeous!  So when they came over I was very interested in his opinion on what we could do to upgrade ours.

(Paris flee market photos courtesy of Colour Luxury)
His answer was not what I expected.  He said that when he goes in a home the first thing he looks at is the finishes on fixtures (light fixtures, door handles, hinges, knobs etc.) and if they match that tells him that the owner has taken great care in the building or remodeling of the home.  WHO KNEW!?   I've never really thought of that before. It was definite food for thought.

(above photo courtesy of Addicted 2 Decorating)

I've found articles on reputable online design sites that say you can go either way, eclectic or matching.

Eclectic, via houzz
Match-it (with exceptions), via addicted2decorating

After much thought, I agree with our friend.  Since I live in reality now and am not buying antiques I should probably follow the standard rule, in my 20th century home.  Thank goodness for smart friends with good taste. ;)

Here's my game plan:

Living & Dinning Room (they are open and connect) - oil rubbed bronze

Sun Room - oil rubbed bronze

Kitchen & back entryway - brushed nickel 

and we'll just go from there to the rest of the home....  fixing it up as we go. 

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  1. Interesting, I have never thought about making sure all the finishes match. Good information to have! :)