Oh I just LOVE exterior home design/curb appeal!

2:16 AM

If I could have a dream hobby it would be taking a nice basic home and giving it custom accents to take it from nice and clean to charming and inviting.  Have you ever driven by a home and because the outside looks so inviting, you want to sneak a peek inside?  Well, if you haven't and you live near the SLC area, just take a drive one afternoon all through the upper (above 1300 E) sugarhouse "Yale/Harvard Avenue" area.  You will leave that drive totally inspired and resolved to make at least one change to the exterior of your home.  Whether it's adding a pot of flowers or changing the siding on your home, there is always something that can be done to a home to improve its curb appeal on ANY budget (and EVERY house has potential for charm).

I could go on for pages and hours on this topic, but since my kids are eating breakfast I have to do this post in the time it takes them to eat and finish their cartoon (they're obsessed with Curious George lately).

I visited a very good friend of mine who just moved near my parents home (ironically, I'll probably see her more often now!).  Her house is amazing (and about twice the size of her old one) and oozes with country-chic curb appeal.

So here are some ideas I have for her home to make it AMAZING (even though it looks fabulous as it is). :)




I love the over the garage door pergola.  I would love to add this to our house eventually.

One thing we did add to our garage doors that only costs about $20 are the decorative hardware. (below)

Garage door hardware 
that gives a Carriage House look
We have an extra long garage door and I really wish we would have doubled up on the hardware like the above pictures to give the appearance of 2 carriage house doors.  So if your garage door is extra long be sure to buy 2 sets of hardware.  (learn from my mistakes) ;)  That's what I always tell my kids.

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