9:29 PM

My friend Susan from Freshly Picked posted this quote on Instagram the other day.  I love the simplicity and power of it, and I'm amazed I had never heard it before.

Comparing ourselves to others is a futile and useless thing to do, there will always be someone prettier, smarter, wealthier, with better behaved more talented children, a doting husband, a perfect figure (after having 5 children), a clean and impeccably organized home, a seemingly endless source of income and the list can go on and on.   We all at one point in our life have compared ourselves against someone else.  The truth is, as this quote points out, it's pointless and no good comes from it. :)

SO STOP! Ha! :-)

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  1. It s sooo true and so unfair to compare ourselves because we all are so different have all traveled such different roads. Great thought Brookie!