restoring an old table...

1:53 PM

So I did not take a before picture of this table. But trust me when I say it was ugly. My mom bought it for me from a local antique store for Christmas to put in our sun room, which we want to make into a breakfast nook. This table had about 3 layers of pealing white paint on it.

So I put a lot of time, sweat and pure muscle (ha!, like I have any) and sanded off most of the paint (there was some on the legs that would not come off). I then gave the top a wood stain finish of English Maple and painted the bottom.

I then added two coats of Shellac to the wood and a layer of Lacquer to the legs (so i can clean it easily with little kids). Henry enjoys it so far. :)

I have some chairs I refinished as well to go with it, they are darling, old and very sturdy, oh and mint green! They are also from my mom (she has the best Antique store near her). If you are ever in Logan you need to go to this store, it would be well worth your while.

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  1. You've been busy!!! The table looks so good in your nook! Sunny and fresh! Want to see the chairs too. :)

  2. few, I am so glad I don't appear as lazy as I feel . ;)

  3. I love it Brookie! You are so handy and talented. My house needs a visit from you and some help! XOX