thank you Modern Family

9:50 PM

Thank you ABC prime time sitcom show Modern Family for making me laugh, cry and sometimes both at once. Honestly, this show is pure genius.

The episode that made me realize how much I love it is when the mom (above) gets mad at her family because, when she brings her unmarried, sexy, successful friend by to show her what she is missing out on by not having a family, there is complete chaos in the home. Well, this dear mom is embarrassed out of her mind, yells at her family and then leaves only to find herself in a McDonald's eating some sort of value meal... You'd think, oh she'll go buy herself something pretty, or she'll go to a little cafe, nope she goes to McDonald's. Pathetically enough, I totally relate.

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  1. Never even heard of this show. When is it on?

  2. BEST SHOW IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE! You have to hulu the valentines day episode that was on last night. So funny!

  3. Yes I know!!! We saw it! I kept rewinding and laughing so hard when the dad kept trying to grab her chin awkward...I love it!