2's company, 3's a crowd...

3:52 PM

So you know what they say about 3 kids? Well, it's the gosh darned truth! As I blog surf/stalk or whatever you want to call it, I see these cute moms posting all their many wonderful internet finds and projects...the thing is they usually have one, maybe two kids. My projects are usually done at around 11:00pm after everyone is in bed and the house is somewhat picked up.
I look fondly back on the days when I was a stylish mom of one. Just Max and I, my blond curly haired little boy in his stylish outfits that I took so much care to put on him. The picture above is one of those days, Max is around 18 months here.
Now I joke my kids look like orphans half the time. My philosophy with clothes is, if it fits and it is clean they are wearing it. I rarely find time to do Mimi's hair cute and if I do it is useless because she destroys it rough housing with Max before we even get in the car.

So I figure I am in survival. Yep, if I can make it out of this stage alive and kicking I will be extremely grateful!

Oh, and I have very helpful hands with Henry. Max and Mimi adore him and will happily entertain him most of the time while I try and get stuff done. One of many blessing. And yes, I want more kids....I am officially crazy!

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  1. Love the picture of you and Max! I wish Quentin would have got his act together a little sooner and dated me then so I could have seen Max at that age. :)

  2. Oh my goodness, he was the center of our universe back then. It was so fun. Can't wait for your turn....hee-hee I had to put that in there. ;)

  3. I so remember those days. Max was the center of my universe and we had so much fun experiencing everything for the first time with him. I miss those days!

  4. So true. (Not that I have any amazing projects to report...) But I have noticed that since my youngest turned one... life is well... more simple. I have time almost every day to do a few things just for me. Now I wish I had three kids, but so far it hasn't worked out... Until it happens, at least I can have that satisfaction of being caught up with laundry.