Valentine Garland

10:17 PM

I made the kids V-day shirts out of some fun fabric I found and used the left-overs to make this Valentine garland that currently hangs in my sun room.

I like it, don't quite love it...I wanted to add some more stuff like those fabric yoyo's, my mom bought me a little gadget to make them that works brilliantly or you can go here to make them by hand.

Anyhow, fabric hearts and pieces of tied fabric will have to do for now. I think it still looks darling.

I just cut out about 10 pairs of fabric hearts in varying sizes with pinking shears, and sewed the pairs together. I then cut about 48 long thin pieces of coordinating fabric with the same scissors (pinking) and just tied them on randomly in between the hearts and connected the whole thing with a very light soft white yarn.

I really need to learn to take pictures while I am in the process of making things. :)

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  1. Ok this is too cute. I love it. And you made the kiddies some v-day shirts? You are too crafty, it makes me jealous, please stop. Love you sista.

  2. Oh my gosh. Only you could make something so cute out of scraps. Adorable.