3 minute escape from reality

8:30 PM

This evening as I was driving home from Costco in my messy mini-van (do I really own a mini-van...sad) with my 3 kids in tow I was following some kind of large SUV. I was in a daze and thought...what if my mini-van grew wings and I was able to pull my steering wheel back and it would take me up over this SUV, up in the air and I could keep going over the mountains and the ocean and fly some place beautiful and old with loads of history and timeless beauty. Like the picture above.

Then a whine from Madeline brought me crashing into reality. Nope, I am still chubby in a dirty t-shirt and sweats, in a messy mini-van on 1-15 in Utah.

Not that I am complaining, I love where we live, I love my kids, I even love my van, just sometimes it's nice to escape even if it is for 3 minutes or so. (p.s. I wouldn't mind living some place like this too...just thought I would put that out there to the universe.)

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  1. Brookie count me in. Let me know when you move there and I will come too. I can't imagine the task it is of being a mom of three but you rock the mini-van girl!

  2. ok, let's just go on a Summer vacation here...yeah right!!

  3. Take me with you!

    PS, for the Superbowl Quentin and I are going to make a football shaped cake "Ace of Cakes" style. It will be fun to spend some time with you this weekend. Lets pretend like we are in a chateau in Aspen.

  4. It's a plan!!!! I'll put on my mom's fur coat...hee-hee j/k

    I am sooo excited for your cake, yum! I have been running everyday on the treadmill and cutting out most of my breads so this will be a wonderful glutenous weekend!

  5. Nice! That's the kind of vacation I could afford.

  6. seriously, who needs to spend $5k to go to the Italian coast when you can have good food with your fam!