Sweet Cake Bake Shop

8:01 PM

For Valentine's Day Steve, Max and Madeline surprised me in bed with these 6 cupcakes made here at a local bakery, Sweet Cake Bake Shop. This bakery is about 4 blocks away from our house. So we moved from amazing chocolate to amazing cupcakes.

This box contains 2 red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, 2 vanilla cupcakes with butter cream frosting and last but certainly not least, 2 dark chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting.

We started eating from left to right throughout the weekend. The first were the red velvet, I thought they were amazing and was sad I ate them first. Then I had a bite of the vanilla and thought they were actually better than the red velvet. On Sunday Steve whispered to me while the kids were around to go and eat the chocolate cupcake and to do it fast before he got to it, apparently he had just eaten the first chocolate and was fighting temptation.

I ate it and I had a Ratatouille moment, you know in the movie where he puts the cheese and bread together and eats it and all of a sudden fireworks go off in the sky? Well, this was my moment. I have never in my whole life eaten a cupcake like this. The frosting is fudge, I swear it is, there is no way it is just chocolate frosting. The chocolate cake is heavy and rich but incredibly moist. Wow.

Thank you universe for inventing chocolate and fudge and cupcakes. Thank you Sweet Cake for putting them all together in one delicious edible creation.

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  1. I am proud of you for sharing 6 cupcakes between you guys over the whole weekend. Danny and Sabrena brought us back 1/2 a dozen from 825 Main in St. George and Quentin ate the entire thing in 1 day! So good on you for having such control!

  2. Brookie I love places like this, little bake shops. You want them to do well because every cute town needs a bakery, a real bakery. Soooooo cute!