Quintin Cooke Graphic Design

10:50 PM

A good friend of ours Quintin Cooke recently returned to Utah after graduating from the Art Institute of Seattle. His wife Jodie, their two daughters Addie & Emmie and he joined us for dinner tonight. We had BBQ steak and hot dogs (for the kiddos), we played games and the kids ran all over the house just as kids should.

Quintin is quite talented when it comes to all things design and is talking about opening up a cupcake shop here in Utah. His inspiration is Trophy cupcakes in Seattle, a shop that his family and him frequented often while a student there. His other inspirations are idsgn.org and design sponge (really, who doesn't love design sponge?)
He has helped to brand and create logos for a number of business's in Seattle and even created a logo for my husband's production company (above photo). Check out his portfolio here and prepare to be impressed. ;)

Welcome back to Utah Quintin, Jodie & girls!!!!

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  1. He is so talented. I love the idea of a cupcake shop. I dream of opening a little bakery here. Way cool.

  2. He does a really good job, let him know he can have free reign of my culinary lavender for one of his cupcake recipes...that's until he is rich and then I'll make him pay me. ;)

  3. I'll let Quintin know! Lavender lemon cupcakes, that sounds amazing!