I'm glad my kids aren't picture perfect

7:50 PM

Here are the V-day shirts I made. I love these pictures, they are far from perfect but can't you just see their personalities?

I couldn't get Madeline to give me an un-goofy smile (this was her sweet smile face). Max kept matching my enthusiasm as I made a fool of myself dancing around to get Henry's attention (which I never really got, as you can see)...

I love how Max is looking at Mimi here, sweet. I love how Henry is completely oblivious to anything going on and totally enamored by the heart pillow...basically......

Where is Steve when you need a good moon???

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  1. Well who wants to see perfectly posed children anyways? That is not real anyways. We keep it real and you have the most beautiful children ever!

  2. Cute shirts! Cute kids! Max should wear his to the valentines day party on Friday!

  3. He is so excited to wear it!!!