a banana wagon!

8:39 PM

Madeline & Max LOVE to (sneek) and take pictures with my camera. I often download my pictures only to find at least 10 extra ones on there that I had no idea about. But I have to say this picture that I downloaded a few days ago has been the most random.

Apparently they made a banana wagon...hmmm....I am a little disturbed though by the hair and dirt particles on it. Like it fell on the ground a couple of times before they decided to put it on wheels. Ha!

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  1. OK Brooke I love YOUR blog!! your Amazing! Very creative love that! i hope you got the stink out of your house from merrick today! thanks for letting the kids hang out! Gavin cant stop talking about the laundry shoot! Cant wait to hang out and creat! xoxo~
    your new neighbor
    yea my blog my husband does so its not at all like yours!!! One of these days i will get one going!!

  2. Ok Brooke, when you see a website entitled "a banana wagon", you might hesitate and look over your shoulder before you click through to it. Tell your kids thanks for keeping it G rated! Hilarious.

  3. Another title that could get you in trouble! Haha!

  4. You dirty minds, wait, looks who's talking... :) hee-hee