winter projects

9:22 PM

We got our paint for the dining room. My mother-in-law bought me an absolutely gorgeous painting for Christmas and we decided to decorate our Dining Room around it. We love Restoration Hardware colors and so we stopped by to look at some options. To our delight they were having a sale on their paints. We bought a pink petal colored paint for Mimi's room for $12 a gallon (reg $38) as well as the paint above and another for our Living room for $27 a gallon (reg $38). Score!

This last Saturday my brother, Quentin and my dad came and helped us put up the bead board. It looks beautiful. Now I just have to paint the bead board and retouch some of the green and then we are done and I can't wait to see the finished product...I will post a pic.

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  1. I wanna come over and see when you're done! :)

    (call if you want help- we could let the kids run loose while we paint)

  2. You are too kind! Yes, I may ask for your help in terms of watching the kiddos. oh, and if you ever have any desire to watch a 5 month old, hey, I have one! :)

    j/k kind-of (wink-wink)