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1:04 PM

If I ever move to London (why not?) I think I would just have to buy this shower curtain of the London Subway system. I wish they had one for Paris. If they did, I would buy one just so I could take a trip down memory lane whenever I took a bath. ;) I still remember riding the red line toward Le Defense, then hopping onto the SNCF to go home to St. Cloude, a suburb of Paris. Did I really do that on a weekly basis? What a strange life I've led. ;)

Above is a map of the Paris Train System. The red line is the line we used to take to go home from a night strolling up and down the Champs Elysees.

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  1. Very cool Brookie. Yes we spent many hours and days on the metro going to the mall or downtown Paris. I was telling Thad how as teenagers we could get anywhere on a train. Very cool.

  2. I love it!!! I want the footed tub too!

  3. I remember fondly trips to Paris when you guys lived there

  4. as Max would say, "good times, good times"...