it happened, my worst fear came to fruition...

12:00 PM

Max is a big guy, 4' 4" tall and around a 100 pounds. Well, I feared that (ironically enough) he would be bullied in school, and somehow I knew in my mind that it would be by the smallest kid in his class...

Today it happened. He came home with a bloody nose saying that ____ (will remain nameless) punched him in the nose today and he had to go to the office for his bloody nose. His nose was still bleeding a little when he came home so it must have been a pretty good hit smack dab in the face. This certain kid I know and is by far the shortest, skinniest kid in class.

I seriously feel sorry for the kid that Max ever hits back and he has my FULL permission to hit back, but never throw the first punch. Why can't I just keep my kids in a bubble?

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  1. Oh my gosh! That is so sad! Poor guy. He will learn to hit back soon I'm sure.

  2. Oh no! How awful? I hope things get smoothed out. I hope that other kid got a serious talking to.

  3. he looks like he recovered okay, good thing he didn't hit back or those kids would be toast.

  4. Yes, nobody better ever lay a hand on my Mighty Max or they will have to answer to Aunt Dew Dew. I heart my Max.